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 Flooring Material : TOUGHCON

TOUGHCON is an inorganic durable flooring material which consists of abrasion-resistant ceramic aggregate and special alloy fiber. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, oil, and water.

 Flooring Material : CERARESIN

CERARESIN UW is a leading edge floor coating material having features of both concrete and urethane. It is a finishing material which has superior resistance to heat and impact, and outstanding toughness. The odor of the resin is quite mild.

 Paving Material : CERASAND for non-skid and color paving

CERASAND is an aggregate utilized in resin type anti-skid paving, color paving and, resin mortar. It is also applied for heat insulating pavemant. The extensive range of CERASAND colors allows color separation on roads to draw drivers' and pedestrians' attention. Thus, CERASAND ensures both safe and attractive roadways.

 Paving Material : CERASAND HW-N for light-colored and highly durable paving

CERASAND HW-N is a ceramic aggregate used for
light-colored and heat shield paving resulting in improved safety, visibility, and fluidity resistance.

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